Pipe bursting / slip linning


This is a broad field of work with a lot of different areas. The oldest and most widely used pipe renovation methods are:

  • Slip linning, when smaller diameter pipes are pulled into the existing pipeline.
  • Pipe bursting, when larger diameter pipes are pulled into the existing pipeline by breaking the existing and the renovated pipeline.

Pipeline renovation technology, depending on existing infrastructure, may be carried over long and short distances respectively using long or short pipe modules. Renovated pipelines can be made of a variety of materials: ceramics, concrete, iron, metal, etc. asbestos-cement.
Main pipeline renovation applications and fields of use can be very diverse, such as: water and sewage networks renovation, renovation of water culverts etc.


  • We apply slip linning technology for the renovation of pipelines with diameter from Ø 100 mm to Ø 3000 mm;
  • We apply pipe bursting technology for pipelines from Ø 100 mm to Ø 1000 mm;
  • The technology can be applied to different materials of renovated pipelines: ceramics, concrete, iron, metal, etc.; asbestos-cement
  • The work can be carried out from well to well, without additional digging;
  • One renovated length can reach a distance of 150 m or more;
  • The technology can be applied in different types of soils;
  • The technology can be applied in densely populated areas and areas with formed infrastructure.


Saving the customer cost with the form the renovation work with short pipes and modules from well to well, and without the need for additional excavation;

Using the short pipe technology, we can minimise the dismantled pavement areas;

For the renovation of pipelines for water culverts or using other free drawing methods, the resulting voids between the new and renovated pipeline are filled with lightweight concrete mix. The exceptional feature of technology is that the concrete mix converted into the form using appropriate additives, thus becoming lighter than water. Filling the cavities with this lightweight concrete mix allows to avoid pipeline deformation, distortion and piping slopes during pipeline grouting;

We offer machinery for renovations of large and small diameter pipes in different profile, spectrum and power;

UAB Grunterra is certified to carry out trenchless work, including renovation, in traffic routes (roads, roads (streets), railways, etc.);

In addition to the pipeline renovation services UAB Grunterra can also offer other related services:

  1. We perform installation and maintenance of well point systems with silent dewatering pumps fore works in densely populated areas where the noise level should be minimal;
  2. These of telescopic manhole box systems, and installation.