Pipe ramming and auger boring technology


We install pipelines of various diameter and materials using auger boring technology, and pneumatic pipe ramming technolgy. Piping applications and fields of use can be very diverse, such as water and sewage networks, gas pipeline, thermal and electrical transmission routes, installation of water culverts, construction of overpasses and many other underground construction-related tasks. With the application of this technology piping is installed from excavations prepared in advance.


  • The technology is used for:
    • Installation of steel pipelines from Ø 426 mm to Ø1620 mm;
    • Installation of glassfiber and concrete pipelines from Ø 630 mm to Ø 1620 mm;
  • The technology can be used both in playing the common location lines and their crossings under roads, rail, or water bodies.
  • Compared with other related technologies, this technology is superior in the following:
    • Significantly better labour productivity, allowing the customer to implement the project quicker;
    • The equipment is quite compact, therefore it is operated without using larger areas of the site.
  • Pipes are installed while monitoring their movement trajectory;
  • With this technology piping can be installed directly into a well non-destructively;
  • One closed transition length can reach up to 120 meters;
  • The technology does not cause vibration during work;
  • The technology can be applied in rocky soils.


  • The technology is applied for the installation of steel pipelines from Ø 219 mm to Ø 1,420 mm;
  • The steel pipe diameter is selected based on the existing design (working piping diameter and purpose, pipeline slope, geological data, closed distance, etc.);
  • Using this technology pipelines can be installed directly into a well non-destructively;
  • One closed transition length can be up to 60 meters;
  • The technology cannot be applied in rocky soils.


For this work we use the modern equipment developed by American manufacturers and equipment currently most powerful in the Baltic countries with up to 500 tons of thrust power;

For work we use our own digging, lifting, transportation machines, allowing for the reduction of the cost of work and concentration to the work directly;

All welders of UAB Grunterra are certified, and welding is carried out in accordance with the welding procedures approved by the Technical Supervision Authority;

All UAB Grunterra employees are trained and certified in accordance with the programme of Safe behaviour of railroads and their equipment protection zones.

UAB Grunterra is certified to carry out trenchless work in communications (roads, paths (streets), railways, etc.);

In addition to the auger boring services UAB Grunterra also offers other related services: soil drainage system rental, their installation and maintenance. This allows the developer to reduce the number of managed subcontractors, and optimize their maintenance.