Water management


Successfully execute general contracting work for water supply and sewage pumping stations, as well as the construction and reconstruction of reservoirs. We have extensive experience in anti-corrosion surface coating, concrete repair and waterproofing, using special materials, including stainless steel pipe installation, fitting and welding.


  • Pumping station and other equipment installation, commissioning, and tuning;
  • Installation of stainless steel pipelines;
  • Existing concrete surface cleaning using high pressure (up to 500 bar) washing facilities, repair using restorative mixtures and waterproofing;
  • With partners we perform general construction operations.


UAB Grunterra is certified to carry out the work in hydrotechnical buildings;

All welders of UAB Grunterra are certified, welding is carried out in accordance with the welding procedures approved by the Technical Supervision Authority;

For the repair of concrete surfaces we use special high-pressure (up to 500 bar) washing machines with rotary nozzle, allowing to quickly and effectively clean concrete surfaces from old waterproofing, dirt or other contaminants;

Major works performed by UAB Grunterra:

  1. Reconstruction of water pumping station located on Wilhelm canal, without discontinuing the pumping station operation (capacity 8,800 m3/h);
  2. Water reservoir reconstruction with concrete surfaces repair and waterproofing (tank capacity 10,000 m3);
  3. Other smaller, but no less important and complex projects.