Excavation work is a dangerous and complex process that requires special care and planning, especially when the work is carried out at great depths and in compressed conditions. Circular telescopic ground reinforcement formwork is used for installation of wells, pumping stations, operational elimination of network accidents, etc. The system is very efficient in difficult installation conditions, such as: existing communications, high depth, unstable soils, infrastructure within densely formed areas, and so on.


  • We can offer reusable systems for fixing excavation pits up to 11.5 meters deep, where the formwork diameter is from 2 to 3 meters.
  • Our telescopic ground reinforcement system, compared to others, is quite light, compact and very easy to transport.
  • Most ground reinforcement systems are not suitable for the construction of wells due to their transverse supports. This essential factor particularly improves the quality and productivity of excavation.
  • The installation of our proposed system requires a small amount of manpower, as most of the work is done mechanically (the most suitable is an automatic hydraulic manipulator).
  • The individual telescopic segments of the system are easily connected to each other to form a fairly airtight whole, which is very useful when working in water-saturated soils while maintaining water infiltration.